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"A flourishing humanity on a thriving earth in an evolving universe, all together filled with the glory of God... Such is the theological vision and praxis we are being called to in this crucial age of Earth's distress."
- Elizabeth Johnston
Kairos Spirituality-for-Social Justice Centre

Kairos, a Greek word meaning the call of the moment, is a sponsored ministry of the Grey Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.

We believe that the call of the moment is not only to name and challenge oppressive and unjust structures, but also to announce alternatives.

We welcome collaborators with whom to continue the search

  1. to listen deeply to the stirrings within us and to the cry of our earth for justice and peace;
  2. to heighten awareness of our social responsibility leading to a more integrated worldview;
  3. to take informed actions to bring positive change throughout the Earth Community.

We offer spiritual direction for individuals and groups, small group reflection, and prayer experiences.

We hold workshops on spirituality, social justice, and deep ecology with the hope of furthering the mutually enhancing relationships at work in our universe.

Individual spiritual direction cost is negotiable. Program costs vary.

Gathering Space
Our gathering space offers an atmosphere of quiet and peace.

Core Team
Kevin Doyle, a retired civil servant, has spent over 30 years pondering and researching issues of our time in the light of faith. He offers workshops on the new cosmology and its implications for a new worldview.

Marlene Kelly, gsic, is an experienced high school teacher, principal and chaplain. She offers workshops, days of reflection, retreats, and prayer experiences.

Anne Taylor, gsic, is an experienced teacher, facilitator, and spiritual director. She offers individual and group spiritual direction, retreats, days of reflection, workshops, and process facilitation.

Contact information
Location: Bronson Centre, Room 306, 211 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa.
Address: 306 - 211 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa, ON  K1R 6H5
Phone: 613-236-6557

E-mail: kairos@bellnet.ca